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Esperienze Professionali

Dr. Bellezza is skilled to maintain high quality performances in multicultural teamworks where good communications and human relationships are essential. He is also able to obtain high quality performances working in deprived areas with poorly equipped environments as Mid Africa. Proficient in MS Office and general IT troubleshhoting. After a Surgeon Medical assistant Major Degree, Dr. Bellezza began career at the S.Eugenio Hospital of Rome, he gained experience and assumed various responsabilities to become Operations Manager in Chief at the “Microsurgery Department” at the same hospital where his career started.

Began carrier as a “Medical Assistant” of the “Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit” at the S. Eugenio Hospital of Rome directed by Prof. L.F. Marinelli.

Awarded with title of doctor in exclusive relationship Manager, and Manager for the UO “Microsurgery” inside the Burn Unit at the S.Eugenio Hospital of Rome where he founded the “Microsurgery’s Interdepartmental Team”. Performed reconstructive surgery on burned desease from several years, with particular regard to treating burn scares. He also treats loss of substance trauma not treatable with traditional techniques, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores and breast reconstruction following cancer demolition.

Became Operations Manager in Chief at the “Microsurgery Unit” at the S. Eugenio Hospital where he also realized training courses, conferences and experimental project promotion and keep scientific collaboration with the “GYM” in “CTO Hospital of Turin”, where he taught on “Microsurgical perforating flaps” topics. In the same year he also collaborated on the same topic with the Plastic Surgery Department at the University of Gent, Belgium.

Became Operations Manager in Chief at the “Plastic reconstructive Surgery in D.S.” at the S. Eugenio Hospital.

Dr.Bellezza establish “Smileagain”, his 1st humanitarian association. He managed the alliance between S.Eugenio Hospital with Healthcare Department in Bangladesh (Dakka) and Pakistan (Lahore and Islamabad) in order to cure the acid victims.

Dr. Bellezza establish “Work in Progress”, his 2nd humanitarian association. “Work in Progress” is a non-profit organization that has statutory purposes to bring aid and improve the Healthcare in developing countries.

Dr. Bellezza promoted an agreement between “Tor Vergata” University of Rome and University of the Gambia in order to establish a cultural and direct scientific collaboration. He also received a mandate to cooperate at their “Burn and Intensive Care Unit”.

Dr. Bellezza developed a “Maternity Project” in Gambia and Senegal where he managed the Reception Center for orphans.

Dr. Bellezza signed an agreement between “Work in Progress” and “USL RMC” of Rome with resolution n°1467 of Dec.13.2007 in order to realize “Social-Healthcare Internationalization” project. Thanks to this agreement, in 2011 he organized a basic level training health course where the students (nurses and medical doctors) were enabled to participate to Humanitarian missions.

Acting as President of Work in Progress Association, Dr. Bellezza has built a school in the village of Dombondir, Casamance (Senegal) and a road to allow childrens to reach it. He also coordinated logistic, materials shipping, manpower and funds.

Dr.Bellezza established a collaboration with a Missionary Priest “Luigi Scantamburlo” in Bijagos’Islands, (Guinea-Bissau) where he periodically performed training courses for basic and advanced Healthcare procedures for local employees.

In collaboration with Fatebenefratelli Hospital Dr. Bellezza brought his help in Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital, (Afagnan, Togo) where, as a burn diseases expert he treated many cases of skin loss with skin flaps and grafts. During the same year he established “AICPE Onlus”, his 3rd humaniatarian association.

Dr. Bellezza published a book for kid’s school “Principios basicos sobre Saùde and Doencas” with the aim to teach Basic Health Criteria to young scholar kids, acting as President of Work in Progress Association.